Studiopepe designs Nastro collection for Tooy

November 30, 2020

(Italy) – New lighting collection Nastro designed by Studiopepe is launched for Tooy in a debut collaboration.

It is an important step for the young Italian brand, giving start to a series of designer collaborations to be unveiled in the upcoming months.

The Italian illumination brand Tooy collaborates for the first time with Studiopepe giving start to a series of designer collaborations who are able to coherently interpret and enrich the young, dynamic and curious soul of the brand.

Studiopepe says of the collaboration: “These lamps perform their practical function in a silent and poetic way defining the space. In the Nastro collection, we wanted to combine a flexible and supple element like a ribbon (“nastro” in Italian) with a more stable and fixed element like a precious weight and declined in a new palette of materials and colours.

“We have always been fascinated by the juxtaposition of very different elements whose union create a new meaning. Lightness vs weight, mobility vs stability, light vs shadow, the Nastro project for Tooy was created to give body and light to these concepts.”

The new collection has debuted at De-siderio, the virtual manifesto project by Studiopepe. “It’s no longer a physical place that reflects our projects, but an imaginary architecture created in order to connect projects, told through a video that uses the poetic and synaesthetic language typical of art, creating references, connections, dialogues, analogies.”