Tekna x GioBagnara

September 12, 2022

Working together with Italian leather brand GioBagnara, Tekna has produced a new collection consisting of existing fixtures but finished in sleek leather, available in numerous colours. 

Tekna’s recently released collection was formed in collaboration with Italian leather brand GioBagnara. Bringing together leather and lighting is a new approach for the Belgium-based brand and one that brings a less-common material to the lighting specification market. The new collection is comprised of the Blakes table lamp, Marquesse floor lamp, and Walcott and Walcott Twin wall lamps. 

“The Tekna x GioBagnara collection aims to create pieces able to generate unique atmospheres and enhance spaces, giving birth to a union where traditional Italian and Belgian lifestyles meet,” says Tekna. “[We] have loved unique and durable materials including brass and bronze since day one. Leather is a great addition to this, as it is unique and in this way distinguishable.

“We have chosen to work with leather because, in addition to the qualitative aspect, it also gives an extra structure to the finish. Leather can do a lot with your interior. It all depends on the way you use it as to what kind of leather you use and with which colours you combine.

“Leather lends itself very well to the upholstery of our appliances as they contain a lot of details including ledges and glasswork. All these details need to be finished to a high standard, which we thought other materials, such as wood, would not allow.”

The collaboration between Tekna and GioBagnara was born from Tekna’s long-standing admiration for the leather brand and its craftsmanship. Since approaching GioBagnara a few years ago, the teams worked together to produce this new collection after numerous design meetings and product prototypes within four months.

“The concept is simple but works tremendously. We cover existing lighting fixtures with leather, which creates a totally new approach to lighting. By working with leather the light produces a very different glow,” continues Tekna.

“For this collection, we chose to transform some of our bestsellers into works of art in leather. And this combination resulted in great success. This is found in the details, and the fine craftsmanship, the hand-applied leather and stitching details, which in all have created an enhanced decorative element of this collection.”

One of the challenges the teams found throughout the process of working with a new material was ensuring that the aesthetics and functionality were not compromised. The hand-crafted approach meant they could keep an eye on the details and finishes, and make tweaks along the way that supported each individual fixture. 

Wanting to maximise the customisable features of these lamps, it is possible to choose from more than 370 leather finishes and more than 100 colour swatches and stitch colours. This enables the user to select a unique combination for their product to suit their residential or hospitality space. “This way you can choose the eye-catcher for your home or opt for a more simple and ton sur ton piece,” says Tekna. 

“We want Tekna to be the Louis Vuitton of the lighting world. And just like buying your favourite handbag, we want to emulate that special feeling. This collection complements it perfectly,” it concludes.