darc is the only international magazine dedicated to decorative lighting in architecture and interior design.

Established in October 2012, darc focuses on the best high-end, quality projects and products and hears from those at the forefront of creative design. As well as the printed magazine, which is sent to 12,000 decision makers in the interior and lighting design sectors, our online presence includes a dedicated website for up-to-date industry news; a monthly newsletter and digital issue of the magazine.

darc’s social media presence on instagram, twitter and facebook is also continuously growing and we currently have a combined following of 7,000 industry professionals.

In collaboration with sister magazine arc, the darc team also runs the trade show darc room, held as part of London Design Festival every September and the darc awards every December.


Michael Anastassiades
“darc magazine always provides editorial that truly captures the essence of a designer’s creative process. Working with darc meant the intricacies and nuances of our products and philosophy was innately understood and beautifully articulated.”

Sir Kenneth Grange
“It could be considered an obsession of the older generation, but I am more respectful of the printed word / picture than I am on screen. So this magazine, which I can leave open and which is intelligent in its subjects, is vitally important to a working designer. In a profession which has grown vastly, the loss of respected regular reporting is equally vast. AND so, darc becomes a naturally grown history of our lighting…”

Brett Anderson, Focus Lighting
“Not only does each issue of darc come jam-packed with visually engaging content, but also with an informative, progressive and global perspective of the lighting design industry that has become an indispensable resource for our designers. The editorial team’s attention to detail and dedication to quality design is remarkable.”

Erika Martino, Slamp
“Not only does darc magazine specialise in decorative lighting design, but the team behind it have shown continued support and cooperation, while remaining innovate in the sector.”

George Anthony Gotti & Oliver John Palmer Michell, UXUS
“darc is a constant source of inspiration for our team, with its global outlook on new and exciting lighting design projects. With a considered design and editorial quality, the magazine has celebrated the role of lighting in the creation of the innovative, sensorial design that UXUS specialises in.”

Andrew Harwood, Former Projects Director DesignLSM
“I have been reading darc for the past five years; the team and myself find it to be a continuous source for new and innovative lighting inspiration. Each edition features a great focus on new to market products and lighting schemes, which capture the true essence of creative design.”

Ellie Coombes, Nulty+
“darc combines beauty and inspiration with knowledge and insight.  The dedicated team at darc understand light as a medium as well as a fixture. An integral part of the lighting industry they keep us all in touch and up-to-date through considered and visually stimulating content. Needless to say, you are never far from a copy of darc in the Nulty studio.”

Robert Sonneman, Founder & Creative Visionary, Sonneman – A Way of Light
“As an individual that takes incredible pride in the challenge and refinement of craft, my team and I are consistently impressed with the quality of work that darc puts forth in each issue. As a champion of the dynamic field of contemporary lighting, darc delivers engaging content, prestigious awards programming, and vibrant events time after time – all of which we are honoured to have been apart of over the last few years.”

Tzetzy Naydenova, Managing Partner, VISO
“I love the fact that darc focuses only on light. Every issue offers interesting and relevant content, both in copy and visuals. The exceptional team makes sure that every issue has global appeal, and that is why darc is the go-to publication for VISO.”

David Trubridge Design Studio
“darc has been wonderful for us because the magazine has accepted us into the global lighting community, despite our remoteness in New Zealand from the main centres of the world. One gets the sense that some magazines are a very closed shop, but not so darc, and this should assure readers that they really are seeing the best and most interesting lighting in the world. Some people would argue that magazines are a thing of the past, but darc has managed to create its own successful model that bucks this trend and we are very happy to be a part of it.”

Jo Littlefair, Director & Co-founder, Goddard Littlefair
“darc continues to go from strength to strength and is increasingly visible in the design community, thanks to its great layout and content, as well as a lively programme of awards and events that ensures it really engages with its core readership.”