The Bouquet – Le Klint

February 13, 2019

Sinja Svarrer Damkjær’s 2007 remake, inspired by spring flowers, is the latest launch, from Le Klint.

These modern Chandeliers are suspend from a braided linen cord which highlights the organic tone of the design. Re-sized pendant shades in bundles of three, five and seven have been intricately pleated and emphasises the soft expression of how flower petals unfold in springtime. into precise and pristine pleating, by hand. 

The single pendant has all the intricate features of the chandelier, but with a single linen cord that helps to give a more detailed vision of a single flower, either growing up from the ground or before the long flower stem is placed into a slender vase.

The lampshades feature a small oak wood detail at the top of each shade where the wires goes up into a braid. The wires, coated with a natural rustic linen texture have been hand braided by pleating technicians at Le Klint. This braiding feature helps with re-arranging the lampshades to get a desired bouquet effect.

The wooden cord adjuster allows the braided cord to be adjusted in three moves in order to achieve an appropriate height.