Facebook Office, Israel

November 6, 2015

Studio Beam’s lighting concept in conjunction with Israeli architectural firm Setter Architects’ design, the new Facebook office complex in Tel Aviv, Israel, houses a youthful and vibrant working environment for the widely used social networking business. Studio Beam, comprised of design trio Oded Sapir, Oz Ohayon and Maayan Edwy, or the Beam-Team as the trio like to be called, keep an entrepreneurial dialogue synonymous with Facebook in the use of material, process and structure, ensuring their enticing designs stay at the forefront of innovation.

Spread over four floors at 3,300sq.m, the Tel Aviv Facebook office comprises open flowing spaces that provide the all-important creative and inspiring atmosphere, achieved through a combination of open and transparent office spaces designed with natural materials and coloured arabesques.

The prominent social atmosphere that defines Facebook is reflected in the huge industrial flavoured office space. The area combines workstations with fun, play, recreation and lounge areas, and at its heart, an open kitchen inviting office team interaction over a luxurious lunch break.

Studio Beam’s collaboration with Setter Architects in designing lighting pendants for the project was characterised by requested industrial iron, rustic flavoured lighting that blends with the wide-open space. The materials are contemporary and bold, reflecting the spirit of Facebook and encouraging the same attitude in its employees.
Studio Beam designed the Ocean Mariner lighting pendants, inspired by rough rusty fishing port lanterns, boats and deep fishing cages, illuminated by decorative LED bulbs, bringing into the office the winter sea breeze of the nearby old fishing marine port of Tel Aviv.

For the main spaces, Studio Beam designed the Tracking Tube pendant; elongated cylindrical T5 iron luminaires with a rustic finish. These hang from the tall ceiling by rustic iron chains, paving the roots from central socialising areas to the more colourful and intimate corners and offices.


Pics: Itay Sikolski

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