The Rosseau, Canada

November 22, 2018

The Rosseau, a JW Marriott Resort and Spa, first opened its doors in 2008 in the heart of Muskoka’s Cottage Country.

Ten years on The Rosseau decided to modernise its look by commissioning VISO and it’s long-time collaborator mackaywong to design and fabricate a range of luxury custom lighting fixtures for the resort and spa.

Feature pieces were designed for the common area such as the living room, Muskoka room, library, Lakes Lounge and lobby areas.

The aim of the project was to showcase the lavishness of the JW Marriott brand whilst paying homage to the Muskoka guest experience of a rich escape in nature.

VISO and mackaywong accomplished this vision through their lighting design which used the natural shapes of antlers, beehives, fireflies, and abstract leaves. Most of these light fixtures have been finished with brass and reflective material to give the resort the JW Marriott feel.

The guest experience was a top priority for both the hotel management team and for the design and installation teams. To limit the amount of time the team needed to install the fixtures, detailed installation guides were created by VISO to improve the efficiency of the install and help limit the overall cost of the project.

“Mackaywong and VISO have a long history of collaborating successfully on many unique projects,” said Neda Misaghi, project designer at mackaywong.

“We find that VISO is well-versed in translating design intent into a final product that is well engineered and often better than we could have dreamed it to be. The custom ceiling light fixtures in the JW Marriott The Rosseau’s public lobby spaces give a sense of scale and ‘wow’ factor and have helped to completely transform these spaces.”

Working closely with the JW Marriott management team, mackaywong and VISO were able to design and fabricate beautiful lighting fixtures for its common areas, a solution that delivers on the initial brief of an elevated guest experience and translating the natural beauty of ‘cottage country’ into the interior design of the hotel.

Custom Wave-Patterned Bar Installation