New Works – Tense

April 28, 2021

First introduced in February 2020, the long-awaited Tense pendant got caught in the flux of the global pandemic, with material production suddenly difficult to procure. The cloud-like shade is made from Tyvek, which is also used for healthcare equipment in the fight against Covid-19. Now Tense is finally here, it is time to revisit this striking lighting design.

Stretching to over one-metre in length, the Tense pendant appears like a soft floating cloud. Designed by Panter & Tourron, Tense is made from 100% recyclable Tyvek and finished with a slimline LED light source, which simply clicks onto the cord using magnets. All components fit into flat-packed packaging for easy and environmentally-friendly transport. When assembled, the shade is tightened up with carbon rods, allowing a sculptural form to come to life through tension.

“At that time, we were looking at solutions to build big and generous volumes out of tension, only using sticks and fabrics. We looked at kites, tents, ultra-lightweight sports equipment, and photography gear. Later our idea emerged from that research,” says the duo Panter & Tourron.