Tom Dixon and Prolicht join forces

April 24, 2020

(UK/Austria) – Code LED track system utilises Prolicht’s technical know-how and Tom Dixon’s design aesthetic.

Launching summer 2020 and utilising bare LEDs on circuit boards that can be used to create thin strips, delicate chains and continuous columns of light, Code allows infinite possibilities to design graphic lighting sculptures from the most minimal to the most intricate composition.

Walter Norz, founder and CEO of Prolicht and Tom Dixon are the creative minds behind this collaboration having met on numerous projects over the years, with Prolicht becoming the preferred choice for architectural lighting in Tom Dixon’s interior design projects.

With the two teams working more and more together, a clear affinity in vision and philosophy began to emerge – creating a symbiosis between technology and design. Through this new collaboration, the manufacturing capabilities of Prolicht will complement the iconic style of Tom Dixon perfectly.

More information to follow. /