&tradition recaptures Bellevue

January 11, 2016

(Denmark) – &tradition launches iconic Bellevue lamp by Arne Jacobsen in four new contemporary colours.

The Bellevue lamp is a signature piece from Danish design master Arne Jacobsen, his first fortay into lighting concepts, mirroring the tubular steel seen in modern designs of the Bauhaus era.

As a tribute to Jacobsen, the Bellevue lamp revisits its roots with a new production in its original shapes: the floor, table and wall versions. With a focus on authenticity in material and design, the lamp is known for its sleek silhouette, swan neck and 45-degree cut shade.

“Jacobsen’s Bellevue lamp reflects the true tenants of form follow function,” explain &tradition Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. “It captures the essence of elegance with nothing to add and nothing to take away. My passion for this lamp led to this re-launch of these three versions in their original shapes. Even the swan neck is back in brass, as it was when initially introduced. As design purists at &tradition, it is our way of honouring this pioneer of Danish Modernism.”

While the look harken back to 1929 when Jacobsen designed the lamp, it now comes in five more modern hues with a material mix, such as satin polished brass, or a choice of mixing brass with ivory, black or grey beige. Boasting the ability to direct the lighting without excessive glare, Bellevue is ideal as a reading lamp or office lamp. It bears the name Bellevue, marking one of Jacobsen’s earliest architectural accomplishments, encompassing the Bellevue Theatre and Bellevue Petrol Station in Copenhagen.