Tribeca – Alma Light Barcelona

March 9, 2019

Designed by Jordi llopis, Tribeca is made of alabaster & iron, with a retro and minimalist look. Each shade is unique, thanks to the white and gray veins with some earth-colour touches. The alabaster gives a spectacular look when the light is on and a beautiful appearance when off. The structures are simple, contrasting with the heaviness of the stone. A perfect balance between weight and lightness.

What is the concept behind Tribeca?

The Tribeca range is made using alabaster stone, which is found in Spanish quarries and has a long tradition in our country; I discovered it while visiting a small workshop two hours south of Barcelona. The stone gives each shade a unique identity, featuring white and grey tones and sometimes even creating a more earthy colour… I wanted to use the lighting range to highlight alabaster’s wonderful design properties and bring a focus back on using the stone in design – it also works wonderfully with light. Each piece is fascinating and has a soft translucency to it.

How long have you been working with Almalight?

I have been aware of Almalight for a number of years but we have never known each other on a personal level until this project. Once I met the team, there was an instant connection and I understood the brand’s design philosophy from the beginning.

How many pieces does the collection include?

I have developed three different ceiling pieces – the first is a pendant with just one shade, then there is a pendant with two overlapping shades and there is also a ceiling piece that features four shades and linear ceiling plate. As well as this, there are two floor fixtures, where again, there is the option of having one light shade or two; all of the options use dimmable LED technology.

What makes Tribeca different?

Personally, I think choosing the alabaster has given the collection a strong personality but most of all I am proud of the properties of the material that ‘tame’ the light – for me this is the most important aspect when you are designing a lighting piece.

What kind of environment is this product range suitable for?

The alabaster conveys a great deal of warmth and gives a spectacular look when the light is turned on, as well as a wonderful appearance when it is off. The style of the collection fits perfectly into many different interior design schemes… with Tribeca we are creating a trend. While the structures are simple, contrasting with the ‘heaviness’ of the stone – Tribeca finds a perfect balance in the contrast between weight and lightness.

Describe the Tribeca range in three words?

Warm, sincere, without stridence.

Who inspires your designs?

A little more than a year ago, my father passed away followed by mother in April. They taught me everything I know about life and supported me in my design career – for this I thank them. Even during the more difficult times in my career, their support was constant – they remain my role models and inspiration in all areas of my life.