Veronese opens new headquarters

October 9, 2019

(France) – French Design House officially opens new headquarters in Paris Arts-et-Métiers area.

Veronese brings its 88 years of experience with Murano glass and 20 years of contemporary design expertise to its new headquarters, which officially opened on September 7, 2019 in the Arts-et-Métiers neighbourhood of Paris. The new space will mark a new page in the history of the brand and become a part of its DNA – both precious and contemporary.

The new headquarters was designed by AW2, an international architecture and interior design agency based in Paris. Long-time collaborator with Veronese, Reda Amalou, partner and architect at AW2, led the project. The showroom is a spacious, luminous loft hosting current notions of home living. Veronese wanted to create an inviting and functional home environment that would entice, comfort, and inspire guests to be a part of the House’s new creative experiences.