VISO’s new thin LED launches at Downtown Dubai

November 15, 2017

(Canada) – An update on the popular Thin suspension, the new alternative version of the fixture comes in a variety of metallic finishes with an improved LED source.

The design is available with a mirror chrome, gold or copper finish and custom canopies and custom colour gels are available.

Designed by VISO Head Designer, Filipe Lisboa, the Thin LED is designed to offer a traditional fluorescent look without the harsh UV rays. It requires zero-maintenance, meaning that you don’t need to worry about changing the lamp.

The integral LED is energy efficient and gives off an even glow of 3000k.

The fixture can be hung horizontally and vertically offering a wide range of cluster options and design variations, perfect for many commercial or residential applications. The Thin LED has dual dimming capabilities for either a 0-10V or TRIAC/ELV dimming system.

Environmentally friendly and certified for all worldwide electrical standards, the LED Thin is perfect for any eye-catching decorative lighting installations and functional projects.

The new LED Thin will be available January 2018.