#WeLoveLight film release by L-RO

February 13, 2015

(International) – Valentine’s Day film launched by Lighting-Related Organizations, Official Partner of the United Nations International Year of Light 2015 under the patronage of UNESCO.

#WeLoveLight is a Valentine’s Day film about the climactic end to a first date… But it’s mostly about light! This is a declaration of love from the lighting design profession to the wider public: all the people we hope to work with and share our passion, our knowledge, our skills and our resources.

People take for granted that outdoor lighting is there to help keep cities moving after the sun goes down, that light can influence health and performance at work, as well as children’s wellbeing and their ability to learn. But who safeguards the consumers and guarantees results, timings and costs? Shouldn’t society demand good quality lighting?

The Coordinators of L-RO have collaborated with the award-winning collective of filmmakers Zero in order to create #WeLoveLight. This is an opportunity to make the lighting design profession better known and understood; the provocation is an instrument, the story we are telling is a commonplace. Extra-ordinary is the Light!

#WeLoveLight is also an open announcement: Lighting design is an affordable service for everyone. Quality lighting is as much a right as health care. Look at your life in a new light. Regenerate the context in which you live. Turn on your right light!

Watch #WeLoveLight enjoy and spread some love for our profession, our passion, our lifestyle. Sometimes it’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad light – Lighting Designers #WeLoveLight