Willowlamp sets sights on Nando’s

June 25, 2020

(South Africa) – Willowlamp’s Audrey2 range to light up Nando’s restaurants.

Nando’s restaurants focus on bright and bold interiors and feature local designs, sourced via the Nando’s Design Programme, Clout – a dynamic catalogue of South African creativity. Designer lighting company willowlamp has designed a brand-new range of chandeliers that has recently been included on the purchasing portal.

Adam Hoets, founder and creative director of willowlamp, calls the bespoke lighting range ‘Audrey2’, after the carnivorous flower in the classic film Little Shop of Horrors. These colourful, zany chandeliers – which come in combinations of red, black and white and blue, purple and green – are intended to add to Nando’s bright, local-is-lekker ambience. These fun, organic-inspired lights are easily customisable.

“The design is a bit of a departure from willowlamp’s core brand, since the laser-cut metal frames are powder-coated mild steel, not brushed stainless steel, and the design uses very little chain,” says Hoets. “The lights will be available in various sizes and colour choices as the powder-coated frames allow for differentiation.”

The chandeliers stand apart from willowlamp’s signature high-end range – they are lighter, quicker to make, and easier to transport.