Vibia - Halo Jewel

Designer Martín Azúa takes another evolutionary leap with Halo Jewel by converting it into a luminous jewel. A shimmering and pure light, although treated in such a way as to avoid glare, drawing the eye with its precious linking element that supports it.

The materials, an elegant steel structure with a matte gold finish, and the various angles of inclination, define the light fitting that transcends the material. Even the supporting piece appears to give off a luminance when touched by the light. With its black profile link it picks up on trends in contemporary jewellery design.

“With Halo I wanted to bring the light closer to people, so that it would accompany them. Although behind this proximity there’s a complex technical project,” says Azúa.

The vertical Halo Jewel model combines different units of differing heights, lending a dynamic element to large spaces such as stairwells and halls in public or semi-public zones of businesses, hotels and cultural installations.

Vondom - The Gatsby Collection

The Gatsby collection, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, recalls Art Deco lighting. This lamp is based on the idea of creating a surrounding atmosphere through a suggesting play of lights by means of the lamp’s surfaces, where the material reproduces the shapes and sensations of engraved glass. Its autonomy, adjustable light intensity and the possibility of choosing the projected colour at any moment makes Gatsby a perfect technological solution. Through the symmetrical patterns that the light draws when it projects its geometrical forms, the Gatsby lamp is perfect to create an extraordinary atmosphere with an intricate design for any space.

Marset - Dipping Light

The new suspension Dipping Light, designed by Jordi Canudas, is now offered as a portable lamp, suspension lamp, wall lamp and a new 20cm table lamp to bridge the gap between the small and large sizes.

The new suspension Dipping Light gets rid of everything to keep only the essential, with colour taking centre stage. When using several lamps to make a composition, the visual effect is mesmerising. This new version comes in three sizes, with 12.5, 20 and 30cm diameters.
With the Cluster accessory, it is possible to connect several suspension lamps into a single point of light, offering the absolute freedom to build with light. This accessory helps to illuminate large spaces or create compositions with the Dipping Light collection or the Ginger 20 model.

Lladró - Parrot Party Collection

The Parrot Party collection is now enhanced by the arrival of tabletop and wall lamps. Pure and functional design is coupled with the elegance of Lladró works. The refined forms of the supports, reminiscent of the abstraction of a tree, contrast with the minute plumage of the birds.

The decorative potential of lovebirds, cockatoos, parakeets and parrots, their bright colouring and the carefully studied proportion all add to the realism of a scene in which it seems as if the birds have just alighted on a brief rest during their flight.

LZF - Tomo

In a design that is reminiscent of books placed side by side, Tomo is a wonderfully bookish light. An intelligent and thoughtful lamp, it was created by Spanish design studio MUT. Presented as a series of wood veneer oblongs, Tomo is both graphic and geometrical in form. Available as a suspension lamp, Tomo appears like an illuminated row of hanging volumes. And as a table lamp, Tomo’s arrangement is evocative of book spines.

LEDS C4 - Shoemaker

Shoemaker, designed by Joel Karlsson, redefines classic lighting, providing powerful technical features. The felt shade brings warmth and reduces noise in a space. The smart lighting LED technology enables temperature and light intensity control, offering high visual comfort. This makes Shoemaker the ideal solution for restaurants, offices and soft contract projects alike.

Shoemaker is available in two finishes, grey and charcoal, and comes in round or oval shapes.

Faro Barcelona - Le Vita Collection

Le Vita is a collection of luminaires designed by Daniel Vila and Esther Pujol from Nahtrang Studio for Faro Barcelona. The weight of light shapes the aluminium structure, transforming it into a soft material that accompanies the opal glass diffuser sphere of light. A memory of the reflection of the moon on the horizon and the gravity that surrounds us.

The simplicity of its design, the softness of its forms and the delicacy of its materials make Le Vita a jewel luminaire that brings elegance and voluptuousness to sophisticated and luxurious spaces as well as to the most modern and contemporary ones.

Estiluz - Alfi Collection

Delicate and functional like a pin, Alfi is inspired by the world of fashion and tailoring. The Alfi family conveys the playful movement of pins and is available in floor, wall, ceiling and pendant models. Highly adjustable thanks to the independent movement of its light source components, the Alfi suspension luminaires allow interior designers to model light in the space and to create infinite forms, mimicking the pins that help tailors create countless patterns.

Designed by José Manuel Ferrero from Estudi {H}ac Atelier and developed by Estiluz’s design team, Alfi luminaires are conceived for optimum adaptability. Its open frame is designed to effortlessly create different configurations and to seamlessly integrate geometry and disorder, achieving the visual and functional balance required by any environment.

Ole! Lighting - Bimba

Ole! Lighting launched the Bimba collection in 2020; a family of decorative fixtures with an original design that includes suspensions, ceilings and wall lights. These black metal structures are wrapped with hand-braided cord. For these designs, the cord is widely separated, allowing much more light to pass through, creating a unique light scattering.

Moreover, as a novelty, two different cord colours can be chosen to be combined during the braiding, allowing customisation and adaptability for the lamp.

Bimba is designed with the idea of using decorative LED luminaires and in the case of wall lights, mirror bulbs are recommended to avoid direct dazzle.

In addition, with Bimba you will be able to give colour to your lighting  by choosing coloured cords in vivid tones or neutral tones that suit the colour scheme of the room or space it will feature in.

Ole! Lighting has many collections based on this material, but Bimba offers a change of style, as a family of models with different braiding options.

Beneito Faure - Bora

Bora is a new decorative lighting family with more than 30 different combinations available. From suspended to recessed, surface and magnetic rail, the Bora luminaire was born from the idea of ​​creating a minimalist and versatile product that can be arranged in multiple configurations.

The Bora luminaire is made up of two different powers and sizes, with 4.5W and 8.5W, in the finishes white, matte black, chrome and rose gold and is available in colour temperatures of 2700K and 3000K, and its CRI> 93 offers excellent colour definition.

The Bora decorative light can be placed individually, in pairs or in groups, with the possibility of playing with its placement to create different atmospheres and effects.

Carpyen Barcelona - Mei Collection

Mei table lamp, Mei suspension and Mei Movil pendants are soft and magical, taking us on a dreamy journey to oriental landscapes. Their generous contours are reminiscent of millions of lanterns shining of a warm light. A genuine companion to a muted atmosphere, the table lamp offers us a comforting and soothing light. The natural material of the porcelain endows Mei with a sensitive and gentle soul.

Luzfin - Aura Lamp

The Aura lamp is an aluminium extruded suspension lamp designed by Gauzak design studio and is available in customised colours. Aura is a lamp that collects the experiences of the multi-generational company and embodies a familiar, almost classic form. However, as a light source it exclusively uses LEDs, located in strip format along the perimeter of the hood.

A contrast is created between the materiality of its body and the lightness transmitted by its indirect lighting.